Public active mirrors

These are the mirrors for CentOS 8 on ppc64le

We have currently 96 active mirrors

Country Site Name Mirror Name Categories Bandwith Internet2 Comment
AT ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH 10000 No
AT Alwyzon 10000 No Located in Vienna, Austria
AU Rackspace 1000 No
BE Behostings 10000 No
BR Universidade Estadual de Ponta Grossa 10000 No Located in Ponta Grossa, Parana, Brazil
BY RUE Beltelecom, MGTS 20000 No IPv6 available
CA University of Calgary 10000 Yes University Of Calgary Open Source Mirror Site
CA Xenyth Cloud 80000 No IPv6, IXPs, Open Peering Policy
CH CERN 10000 No
CH Adfinis AG 1000 No IPv4 and IPv6 - Sponsored by Adfinis AG
CH Adfinis & Exoscale 10000 No IPv4 and IPv6 - Sponsored by Adfinis AG and Exoscale
CN Nanyang Institute of Technology Open Source Mirror 10000 Yes
CN tencent 1000 No
CN TUNA 20000 Yes
CZ Masaryk University, Brno 10000 Yes also available over IPv6
CZ 10000 No IPv6/IPv4 on CESNET academic network, hosted with ❤️ by Silicon Hill in Prague
CZ Vodafone Czech Republic 10240 No IPv6 available
DE 20000 Yes
DE Plus.line AG 2000 No IPv6 of course available
DE Uni Bayreuth 10000 Yes
DE 10000 Yes
DE dogado GmbH 20000 No The hardware and bandwidth for this mirror is donated by dogado GmbH (, the Webhosting and Full Service-Cloud Provider
DE Netzwerge GmbH 10000 No
DE ScaleUp Technologies GmbH & Co. KG 1000 No
DE xTom Germany 10000 Yes
DK Netsite 10000 No
DK 20000 Yes 20G IPv4/IPv6
EE xTom Estonia 10000 Yes
FR 1000 Yes
FR IN2P3 Computing Centre 20000 Yes
GB University of Kent UK Mirror Service 10000 No IPv4/IPv6 - Provided by The University of Kent
GR UOC 1000 No IPv6 enabled
HK Rackspace 1000 No
HK xTom Hong Kong 10000 Yes
ID Linux DomaiNesia 10000 No DomaiNesia MirrorManager Linux Repository
ID PT Media Sarana Data 1000 Yes
ID PT Global Intermedia Nusantara 1024 No PT Global Intermedia Nusantara
ID Mirror Nevacloud 10000 No NevaCloud CentOS-Stream Linux Mirror
ID 10000 No
IN Excell Media [Hyderabad, India] 10000 Yes
IS Opin Kerfi 1000 No
IT Consortium GARR 100000 No IPv6/IPv4 on Consortium GARR network, hosted with ❤️ by GARR in Italy. Synced every 4 hours.
IT VHosting Solution (IT1 - Milan) 10000 No IPv6 Ready
IT VHosting Solution (IT2 - Turin) 10000 No IPv6 Ready
JP Internet Initiative Japan 10000 No
JP RIKEN 10000 No
JP ICSCoE 100000 No Industrial Cyber Security Center of Excellence (ICSCoE), IPv6 Enable
JP Yamagata University 10000 No IPv6 Enabled
KE Liquid Telecom 20000 No
KZ 1000 No
KZ 1000 No IPv6 enabled
LV 1000 No
MD iHost 10000 No Proudly hosted by iHost
MD MangoHost 1000 Yes Mirror by
MY Shinjiru CentOS 1000 No IPv6 enabled
NL Triple 10000 No
NL 1000 No
NL 10000 No Mirror provided by Peter-Paul Kurstjens - IPv6-enabled - IXP connected
NL Serverion 40000 Yes Serverion Mirror Service
NL transip 10000 No
NZ 2degrees 10000 No
PL Grupa S.A. 20000 No Grupa S.A.
PT 10000 Yes
PT 10000 No University of Porto
RO Hosterion 20000 No 20Gbps, IPv4 / IPv6 hosted by Hosterion, Bucharest, Romania
RO Hostico 1000 No
RU FRC ICT 1000 No IPv4 and IPv6 support
SA KACST - MAEEN 1000 Yes King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology - Internet Services Unit
SG Freedif 10000 No
SK 1000 Yes
TH Khon Kaen University 10000 No
TW TWDS-TPE 80000 No Supports IPv6, optimized for long fat networks, and kept up to date
UA 20000 No IPv4+IPv6
UA Lanet Network LTD 10000 No
UA 20000 Yes mirror
UK QuickHostUK CentOS Mirror 1000 No
US 1GServers 100000 No
US Rackspace 1000 No
US Oregon State University Open Source Lab 10000 No Chicago, IL
US 10000 No
US Oregon State University Open Source Lab 10000 No New York, NY
US Oregon State University Open Source Lab 10000 Yes Corvallis, OR
US Rackspace 1000 No
US fermilab 1000 No
US Datto, Inc. (West Chester, PA, US) 1000 No
US Facebook 2000 No
US University of Chicago 10000 Yes University of Chicago - MANIAC Lab
US 25000 No
US ServaxNet, LLC. 10000 No
US Siena College 10000 Yes
US Lancaster-Lebanon IU13 20000 No Lancaster, PA | IPv4/IPv6 | 20 Gbps
US OCF 20000 Yes
US 10000 No
US Rackspace 1000 No
UY espejito 500 No
VN Viettel Cloud 1000 No