Public active mirrors

These are the mirrors for Fedora 28 on armhfp

We have currently 12 active mirrors

Country Site Name Mirror Name Categories Bandwith Internet2 Comment
DE 10000 Yes
JP Internet Initiative Japan Inc. 10000 No
JP KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc. 300 No IPv6 avaliable
JP 10000 Yes IPv6: yes, HTTP/2: yes, HTTP/3: yes
KE Liquid Telecom 20000 No
NL IT Services Company S.R.O. 10000 No
NZ 2degrees 10000 No
UA 20000 No mirror-11 in DC-16 (IPv4+IPv6)
UA VDS 40000 No
US 10000 Yes
US Fremont Cabal Internet Exchange 10000 No
US UH Mathematics 1000 Yes University of Houston Mathematics