Public active mirrors

These are the mirrors for Fedora 7 on x86_64

We have currently 12 active mirrors

Country Site Name Mirror Name Categories Bandwith Internet2 Comment
DE 10000 Yes
JP Internet Initiative Japan Inc. 10000 No
JP KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc. 300 No IPv6 avaliable
JP 10000 Yes IPv6: yes, HTTP/2: yes, HTTP/3: yes
KE Liquid Telecom 20000 No
NL IT Services Company S.R.O. 10000 No
NZ 2degrees 10000 No
UA 20000 No mirror-11 in DC-16 (IPv4+IPv6)
UA VDS 40000 No
US 10000 Yes
US Fremont Cabal Internet Exchange 10000 No
US UH Mathematics 1000 Yes University of Houston Mathematics